Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI)

Established as a Board of Regents recognized institute in 1997, the Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI) is a multidisciplinary institute that provides a unique environment integrating academic, private, and government sectors in the conception and development of novel research programs. AMRI's research staff is comprised of Professors, Postdoctoral Researchers, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, and Visiting Scientists with experience and training in world-renowned research institutions from the United States and many countries abroad. AMRI has extensive collaborations with other academic institutions and industry groups from Louisiana and nationwide, as well as several active international partnerships. The general focus of AMRI researchers is on Materials Science and Nanotechnology. Some current focus areas include nanofabrication, composites, catalysis development, magnetism, solar conversion, and thermal and electrical transport properties. In support of its research programs, AMRI provides state of the art laboratories and equipment facilities in the Science Building of the University of New Orleans Lakefront Campus.

In addition, to AMRI's programs, the institute hosts several start-up companies that work in a variety of areas including biotech, energy, green technologies, and nanomaterials. Collaboration between the start-up companies and AMRI members strengthens independent research efforts and serves to develop new partnerships leading to various grants and contracts as well as educational partnerships. The companies also host UNO interns and hire many UNO graduates.