Student Life

The life you lead.

When you’re here, you’ll be much more than a classmate—you’ll be a teammate, a roommate, and a laugh-mate (that last one is a word we just made up, but when you live here you’ll see how it fits). There’s a lot of living to do while you’re a student and UNO is a safe place for you to explore old hobbies, new interests, and everything in between. Most of all, we want you to feel right at home—especially if your idea of home includes tons of social events and clubs.

Sahar Muhawesh (Biology Major Pre-Med, Class of 2023)
“I think what I’ll remember most about my UNO experience are my opportunities to get involved. I really appreciate being a part of events that happen on campus, and the people I get to meet.” ~Sahar Muhawesh (Biology Major Pre-Med, Class of 2023)