Louisiana Alumni: remember uno at tax time

Individuals who file an individual income tax return and have overpaid their tax may choose to donate all or part of their overpayment shown on Line 33 of Form IT-540 to the UNO Foundation. Enter on Lines 2 through 21, the portion of the overpayment you wish to donate. The total on Line 22 cannot exceed the amount of your overpayment on Line 33 of Form IT-540.


At the UNO, we celebrate firsts every day.

We celebrate the first days of school, the first achievements, and the first-generation students who excel despite hardships. We celebrate UNO as the first public university in the South integrated from its inception, our first female president, Dr. Kathy Johnson, and our alumni who are pioneers in their fields.

We celebrate these firsts, knowing that there are still many more waiting to be made. By contributing to the UNO First Fund, you can empower a new generation of people ready to make daring and innovative contributions to the world.

As we close in on achieving our $50 million goal for the University’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign, NEXT IS NOW, you can help us take the final step with a gift to UNO First.

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