Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

The shipbuilding industry is deeply embedded in New Orleans history, more so than in almost any other American city—and with a B.S. in naval architecture and marine engineering (NAME) from UNO, you’ll be part of the latest chapter in that history. Our program is the perfect home for students with a passion for marine architecture and an approach to problem-solving that’s equal parts analytical and creative. If that sounds like you—and if you want to pursue your goals at one of the country’s most well-respected programs—UNO is the place for you.

Studying for your NAME degree will prepare you for an in-demand career designing boats, ships, and offshore structures, along with all of their internal systems. Your skills will be transferrable to all parts of the marine industry, no matter where your interests may take you. And our students regularly receive full-time job offers before they even graduate, going on to lead long, successful careers. No wonder Bankrate ranked a B.S. in naval architecture and marine engineering the No. 1 most valuable major for today’s students. When you earn your degree with us, you’ll make sure your career has its sea legs right from the start.

Undergraduate Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering