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University of New Orleans Awards Over $400,000 for Research and Scholarly Endeavors

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ARCS Awards Ceremony 2019

Matt Tarr(far left), vice president for research and economic development, stands with award winners , Stephen Ware, Tara Tolford, Shaikh Arifuzzaman, and Mark Trudell during the annual Achievements in Research, Creativity and Scholarship awards ceremony.

University of New Orleans history professor Mary Niall Mitchell is part of a collaboration to make a searchable database of ads about fugitives from slavery in North American accessible to K-12 teachers and their students. (Photo: Library of Congress) May 26, 2020
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UNO awarded more than $2 million in research grants in May. May 20, 2020
UNO Awarded $2M in Recent Flurry of Research Grants
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University of New Orleans student Victoria Preston explains her artist role in developing the “Cat Noir” murder mystery game. May 18, 2020
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