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The HUB: COVID-19 Information and Resources

The HUB's Student Care Coordinators are currently working remotely. If you need to contact one of our care coordinators, please email In keeping with the HUB's goal of connecting students to a broad network of campus and community based resources, we encourage students to find up-to-date information located on their Moodle Dashboard. The Moodle course, Student Affairs COVID-19 Resources, provides information on Academic, Financial, Social, Emotional and Physical Wellness. That same information can be accessed below. Please follow our Instagram page @uno_hub. 

As part of our commitment to providing access to resources, The HUB manages the Privateer Pantry. The Privateer Pantry strives to provide supplemental food support to currently enrolled UNO students. During this difficult time, the Privateer Pantry needs your support more than ever! If you'd like to donate to the Privateer Pantry or if you need assistance from the Privateer Pantry please contact Reagan Laiche at