Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies and Planning

With a B.S. in urban studies and planning from UNO, you’ll be equipped to think creatively about today’s pressing social problems, and to design the solutions that improve standards of living around the world. Cities are focal points for culture and innovation—but they can also be centers of inefficiency, inequality, and outdated infrastructure. By studying the social sciences and critically analyzing the complex issues that urban environments face, you’ll have the knowledge and the skill to address structural issues and create lasting change.

As you pursue an urban studies and planning degree, you’ll build in-depth knowledge in different domains of social science, and you’ll gain professional skills in technical writing, quantitative analysis, and public speaking. You’ll examine the historical, cultural, social, economic, and environmental factors that shape the way we live and build. You’ll have the opportunity to tailor your degree toward your own interests, whether that’s urban transportation, historic preservation, or another area. And you’ll learn how to research urban phenomena and understand their causes under the guidance of our world-class faculty and researchers. By the time you complete the urban studies and planning degree, you’ll be ready to enter the world of urban planning—and start making a difference in the world right away.

Undergraduate Program