Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences

We only have one planet—and with a Bachelor of Science in earth and environmental sciences (EES) from UNO, you can play a major role in protecting it. As you pursue the concentration of your choice, you’ll explore the delicate balance that keeps our world healthy and habitable. And as today’s environmental challenges make that global balance even more precarious, you’ll become a trusted and knowledgeable voice for environmental stewardship when it’s needed most.

Located in America’s coastal heartland, the University of New Orleans is the ideal place to study the earth and its ecosystems in all their enormous variation. Our Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences was founded in the 1960s and has grown rapidly into a thriving, rigorous academic center that is highly regarded locally and nationally. Our faculty are committed to teaching the next generation of geologists, environmental scientists, environmental engineers, and other stewards of our remarkable planet.

Earth and Environmental Sciences (B.S.)