Inter-American Studies

IAS group photo

Established in 2009, the International Association of Inter-American Studies (IAS/EIA) seeks to promote the interdisciplinary study of the Americas, focusing in particular on interconnections between North, Central, and South American cultures, literatures, media, languages, histories, societies, politics, and economies. Going beyond national points of reference, the association’s conferences and publications examine the current intensification of transnational and global trends in the Americas as well as their historical developments. Intercultural issues—along with their regional, national and hemispheric contexts—are of particular interest to this academic forum.

The Inter-American Studies series creates a forum for a critical academic dialogue between North and South on the cultures, societies, and histories of the Americas, promoting an inter-American paradigm that shifts the scholarly focus from methodological nationalism to the wider context of the Western Hemisphere.

The series is co-published in North America with German publisher Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (Germany).