Impact UNO

The University of New Orleans Strategic Plan

About the Plan
Throughout its history, the University of New Orleans has been an institution of all-time dreamers and full-time doers. In scholarship and research, discovery and creativity, and service and community engagement, the University acts as a conduit—connecting people to opportunity, and a catalyst that sparks ideas into action. Individually, we bring different perspectives, but collectively we share a strategic vision to serve as one of the region’s foremost assets. That vision and our full potential will be realized through Impact UNO. This living document is the product of campus-wide collaboration and reflection. While it will evolve as the institution achieves milestones and new priorities emerge, it will continue to serve as a blueprint for future coordination and collaboration in the shaping of an even more vital University of New Orleans.

Impact UNO

Ensure Academic Excellence and Student Accessibility and Success

Positively impact New Orleans and our world through research, scholarly, and creative endeavors

Maximize Engagement through Strategic Partnerships