Bachelor of Science in MarketinG

With a B.S. in marketing from UNO, you’ll be ready to enter the fast-paced, creative world of marketing—and make a real difference in how consumers think about your future organization. The study of marketing is the study of connections and behaviors: how people, brands, and businesses interact to create the biggest benefit for everyone involved. It’s an essential field for those who want to succeed in business—or anyone who wants to understand how and why people make decisions.

As you work toward your B.S. in marketing, you’ll learn about the foundational strategic and analytical theories that influence consumer behavior, in both the public and the private sector. You’ll find out how today’s most successful marketers reach their customers, exploring both classic techniques and emerging approaches. And because the one constant in marketing is constant evolution, you’ll learn how to adapt effectively to changing markets and consumer preferences—so you can guide your future organizations forward with confidence.

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Bachelor of Science in Marketing