UNO Transition

“It is my pleasure to play a role in transitioning the University of New Orleans to a new era. I am honored to have been chosen by Dr. Jim Henderson and the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors to conduct a broad institutional review and produce an assessment that will be helpful in generally understanding the state of UNO through the lens of an outsider. To be effective in my efforts, I will tap into my knowledge as a senior-level administrator at a fellow UL System institution along with my wealth of experiences with system initiatives to provide information that will aid the new UNO leadership. I do not proclaim to be an across-the-board higher education expert. However, I am soundly adept with tasks that require management, leadership, and compliance. Furthermore, my professional expertise as a student affairs practitioner centralizes my understanding of what is a successful collegiate experience for students. As I complete this work at UNO, it will likely involve collaboration with colleagues who have expertise in other facets of higher education. I look forward to meeting many of you in the UNO community, experiencing the campus culture, and learning more about how the campus is significantly impacting the lives of its students.”

-Dr. Kedrick A. Nicholas

Dr. Kedrick A. Nicholas