UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School

our program is currently full. 

Students on the waiting list will be contacted as a space becomes available. Spaces are assigned depending on date/time of application. Deposits will not be processed until a space is available.

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July 4 - August 14, 2020

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Now in its 45th year, the UNO-Innsbruck International Summer School continues to build on many milestones, including enrolling its 10,000th student, upholding its academic excellence for more than four decades, and welcoming more and more second-generation participants to Innsbruck each year. While knowing and building on this legacy is important, our program must also keep up with the times and adapt to new student needs and inquiries. We have added new courses, invited new faculty members, improved our field trip offerings, and strengthened our "Social Engagement Track." We continuously seek to diversify our student body and to bring the "UNO-Innsbruck" opportunity to those students less commonly represented in study abroad. As a result of all these endeavors, our program remains vibrant and meaningful for our students.