Student Organizations

Click on the categories below to find out about the student organizations registered at the University of New Orleans.

This list is being updated on a daily basis. Please contact SIL Office if you need any information regarding Student Organizations. To see a list of all student organizations, please refer to our student organization directory.



Cultural organizations promote an understanding of different cultures, languages and diversity.


Political organizations zero in on campus, local, national, or world-wide political issues.


Arts and music organizations foster creativity in the visual arts, theater, dance, music, or film. 


Academic and professional student organizations focus on academic, professional, or leadership interests.


Service organizations are dedicated to helping the community and environment through volunteer work.


Honorary organizations focus on exemplary academic or leadership achievements.

recreationalRecreational/Club Sports

Recreational organizations and club sports involve physical activity, team work, or participation in sports.


Religious or spiritual organizations serve as a gathering place for students of various faiths and beliefs.

specialinterestSpecial Interest

Special Interest organizations serve as a venue for students to join together with a common purpose.

Greek LifeGreek Life

Student organizations such as sororities and fraternities are dedicated to fellowship, academic support, leadership training, and more.