Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UNO Students Join Global Trend in Japanese Language Learning

UNO-JAapan Summer Study Abroad program is accepting applications through April 28The UNO-Japan Summer Study Abroad program is accepting applications through April 28.

According to a recent Japan Foundation survey*, a record number of people – almost 4 million worldwide – are studying the Japanese language outside of Japan. And at the University of New Orleans, Japanese language classes are full — and the Division of International Education is now accepting applications for its acclaimed summer study program at Doshisha University.

Spend the Summer
in Japan!

Although space is limited, UNO is now accepting applications from American undergraduate students who are in good standing at their home institutions. For application instructions,
click here.

The application deadline is April 28, 2015. We enroll not only degree-seeking college students from all over the U.S., but also adults who want MORE from a travel experience than just hotels and restaurants.

Since 1974, the Japan Foundation has conducted a survey of overseas organizations offering Japanese-language courses, with the purpose of obtaining an accurate picture of the current state of Japanese-language education around the world. The most recent survey, the "Survey Report on Japanese-Language Education Abroad 2012, targeted educational institutions in 203 countries.

According to the most recent Japan Foundation report, a large percentage of the reasons students gave for learning the Japanese language centered around an interest in popular culture, manga, and anime. Other factors attracting students to one of the world’s most challenging languages were history and communication with Japanese people. Success in future employment was a reason cited by nearly half of the survey participants.

“All these reasons for studying Japanese reveal a global, continued interest in Japan,” said Mary Hicks, program director of the UNO Division of International Education and UNO Japan: Study at Doshisha University. “This seems reflected in the UNO classes with many of its Japanese language students also participating in such events as local Cos-play conventions, student groups dedicated to pop culture, and in UNO’s unique summer study abroad program to Kyoto, Japan.”

The UNO-Japan: Study at Doshisha University summer program has provided, since 2009, a rich academic, cultural, and social experience for students regardless of their prior study.

“No matter what your motivation is, you are part of a trend of people interested in Japan, so come with us to Kyoto and really get to know Japan’s ancient capital!” Hicks said. “UNO-Japan is for anyone who has an interest in Japan and is eligible for admission to UNO.”

Participants choose two courses, earning six college credits from program offerings in Japanese Language, Philosophy & Film, Literature, History, and Cross-disciplinary course on the Politics of Food (non-language courses taught in English). Extra-curricular activities including cultural events, field trips, and a Tomodachi partner program with Doshisha University students are also offered. Participants are encouraged to make the most of their time in one of the most enchanting settings in the world!

Knowledge acquired through the UNO-Japan program courses will give you an edge, and will be useful in your future - in your education, business, leisure or other areas.

*Survey Report on Japanese-Language Education Abroad 2012.  The Japan Foundation. ISBN: 978-4-87424-610-8.

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