Monday, July 21, 2014

UNO's Planning and Urban Studies Department Completes Mapping and Analysis of Tremé

Ninety-seven percent of the buildings in the historic Tremé neighborhood are rated either good or fair, according to a comprehensive mapping and analysis project completed by the University of New Orleans Department of Planning and Urban Studies. Out of 670 total buildings rated in the survey, 525 were deemed to be in good condition, while 124 were rated fair and 21 (3 percent) were rated poor.

The property condition survey was conducted in the spring of 2013 for the Historic Faubourg Tremé Association by WhoData in coordination with Project Homecoming. In the spring of 2014, a geographic information system (GIS) class of undergraduate and graduate students in UNO's Department of Planning and Urban Studies provided maps and analysis of property conditions along with other quality of life indicators.

This report represents the first comprehensive property condition survey analysis of Tremé conducted since Hurricane Katrina, and will allow the community and policy makers to make more informed land-use decisions about the neighborhood, as defined by the Historic Faubourg Tremé Association.

"The opportunity for students to assist with community projects outside of a semester-long project has been phenomenal," said Michelle Thompson, assistant professor of planning and urban studies. "We will continue to work in the Tremé this fall by examining the potential impact of taking down Interstate-10, changes in property values and demographics since Hurricane Katrina. We hope that this historic neighborhood profile will support resident-led initiatives far into the future."

Here are some of the highlights of the Tremé survey:

  • Of the 876 total parcels surveyed, 671 (76 percent) had buildings on the lot, 153 (17 percent) were empty lots and 35 (4 percent) were parking lots.
  • Of the 876 properties surveyed, 620 are occupied (71 percent) and 239 (27 percent) were vacant. Seventeen properties were not accounted for because of a data discrepancy.
  • Of the 876 total parcels surveyed, there were 38 overgrown lots or yards (28 of those are empty residential parcels). Four streets shared the majority of the overgrown lots: Columbus, Robertson, St. Bernard and Villere.
  • Of the 876 parcels surveyed, 53 (six percent) were deemed to be under construction.

The first phase of the project began in January 2013 when Brittany Arcenaux, WhoData associate project director, responded to the Historic Faubourg Tremé Association's request for interns to help survey land parcels in the Tremé neighborhood. The mission of, a project support by UNO's Department of Planning and Urban Studies, is to provide an online mapping tool based on a survey and data collection platform that is consistent across all New Orleans neighborhoods. This platform provided a mechanism to map and analyze the information collection on properties in Tremé.

WhoData provided the survey forms, survey maps by address and geopin number, and volunteer training. Project Homecoming, a volunteer-based housing and rebuilding nonprofit, provided more than 45 volunteers to complete the inventory process. During the spring 2014 semester, UNO undergraduate and graduate students in the course "Information Technology for the Planning Profession" analyzed the data in order to produce a map gallery and report.

To view the full report, visit this link and click the "download" button.

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