Monday, Nov. 10, 2014

UNO St. Claude Gallery Shines with "Shrine" in Prospect 3.0

The UNO St. Claude Gallery shines with "Shrine," a collaboration of The Propeller Group and artist Christopher Myers, in Prospect 3.0:Notes for NowThe UNO St. Claude Gallery shines with "Shrine," a collaboration of The Propeller Group and artist Christopher Myers,
in Prospect 3.0:Notes for Now

Reviewers are raving about a current exhibition now on display at the University of New Orleans St. Claude Gallery. "Shrine," a collaborative project that includes a film created by The Propeller Group and a sculpture by artist Christopher Myers, has been getting excellent reviews by word-of-mouth and in print.

"I've heard a lot of praise from our guests at the gallery," said Kathy Rodriguez, director. "It's wonderful that the artists are getting this exposure and that critics in New York and New Orleans are discussing them and our space. I hope that we can get more talk - especially locally - generated about our gallery, and its importance in the community, through the exposure."

The gallery, located in the avant-garde St. Claude arts district, is an off-campus fine arts gallery that houses many student, faculty and alumni exhibitions. Gifted to the University in 2012 by Metairie resident and UNO Foundation board member Dr. Alvin Merlin, the UNO St. Claude Gallery allows a permanent exhibition site for the UNO community to show their work and provides the greater New Orleans community with a venue to exhibit high quality art from exciting artists.

The gallery opened six years ago in time for a faculty show in Prospect 1.0, the first citywide art biennial, and is now participating in Prospect 3.0: Notes for Now, said Rodriguez.

Known as P.3, Prospect 3.0 Notes for Now is an international contemporary art biennial now in its third iteration. This year's show features the work of 58 artists selected by artistic director Franklin Sirmans in 18 venues located throughout New Orleans.

"Shrine," produced by The Propeller Group and Christopher Myers, is a study of the "elusive butterfly effect — the theory of 'nonlocality,' whereby two distinct phenomena affect one another across a vast expanse of space and time," the artists said in a statement. "They explore the celebratory and unique funeral ceremonies of Saigon and New Orleans: two cities, two cultures, mirroring each other from worlds apart."

In P3, the Propeller Group introduces a film, called "The Living Need Light, and The Dead Need Music." The film, which takes its title from a Vietnamese proverb, focuses on the ceremony of the funeral wake in Vietnam, where spiritual mediums, professional criers and musicians lead these multiple day mourning ceremonies into euphoric public events.

Myers, an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, accompanies this work with a sculptural installation of garments and instruments.

The effect creates one of the "Top Five Moments" of the biennial, according to a review in The New Orleans Advocate.

UNO administrators, faculty, students, staff, alumni and friends gathered to see "Shrine" last weekend as part of Second Saturday, a monthly art tour that stops at galleries around the city, including the UNO St. Claude Gallery.


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