Tuesday, August 12, 2014

UNO Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma Returns to Campus

A new fraternity chapter joins the University of New Orleans campus this year and national leadership is seeking a few good men to serve as founding fathers.

"Our goal is to take between 15 and 20 men for that initial class and by the end of fall semester they should be a colony called Phi Kappa Sigma," said Mark Logsdon, a recruiter for the national fraternity. "The guys that initially start up the group and say we want to be Phi Kappa Sigma, they're...the founding fathers of the chapter...They're the first official new members of the group." 

Want to be involved?

Any students interested in becoming a founding father of the UNO chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma – or any alumni interested in flying banners, distributing flyers, or conducting interviews – should email Mark Logsdon at uno@pks.org or call him at 682-478-9903.

Phi Kappa Sigma, an all-male fraternity founded in 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania, boast 40 chapters and six colonies around the nation. More than 1,200 undergraduates participate in these fraternity chapters continuing traditions and values espoused by some 40,000-plus alumni. The fraternity, which boasts black and gold as its colors, holds the Maltese cross and the Skull and Crossbones as its symbols. The fraternity's mission statement reveals that the brotherhood aims to promote "good fellowship and the cultivation of the social virtues among our members," as well as good scholarship, training and cooperation in University educational and cultural programs.

The fraternity cites trust, honor, respect, knowledge, wisdom, responsibility and integrity as its core values.
Phi Kappa Sigma had a chapter at UNO for nearly 50 years, then dissolved it following Hurricane Katrina. Earlier this year, the University's Inter Fraternity Council voted to add a new fraternity chapter at UNO. In a rigorous process, the IFC selected Phi Kappa Sigma from more than a dozen contenders.

Logsdon and UNO alumni who belonged to Phi Kappa Sigma, as well as members of the fraternity's Tulane chapter have visited New Student Orientation sessions this summer. The official recruitment process begins today and the group will visit all upcoming student organization fairs aimed at incoming freshmen and transfer students, Logsdon said. He will be fielding recommendations of students who would excel as founding fathers.

"What that means is that they can officially represent the organization and wear fraternity letters and do everything that a Phi Kappa Sigma chapter can do," Logsdon said. "The only thing that they can't do...is the initiation rights. Once they get their charter, they have to operate between one semester and a full year showing that they can operate as a Greek organization," he said. "They'll get their charter and once they get their charter they become initiated and that gives them the right to initiate people ... It's sort of like a drivers' license," he said. "Once they get that driver's license they can initiate new men as they please into the fraternity."

All male students are eligible, he said. Students who have already completed one year of college must have a 2.76 GPA. Incoming freshmen must have achieved a 2.5 GPA or higher in high school, he said.

"Once we generate interest, we'll participate in fall rush and we will extend our initial bids for the first class," said Logsdon, who plans to spend the fall semester on campus overseeing the new colony and recruitment efforts, as well as spend three weeks on campus in early spring.


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