Monday, August 18, 2014

President Fos Outlines UNO 2020, the University’s Strategic Plan for 2015-20

President Fos

University of New Orleans Peter J. Fos outlined UNO 2020, the University’s Strategic Plan for 2015-20 during a presentation at the annual Faculty and Staff Convocation in the University Center. According to Fos, the plan offers a blueprint for the University to reach its aspiration—to be broadly recognized as one of the preeminent urban research institutions in the nation.

Strategic Goals

At the outset of the planning process, Fos said he identified six strategic goals and charged the Strategic Planning Committee to work within the goals as a framework for UNO 2020. The strategic goals are as follows:

  1. Ensure high-quality academic programs which will prepare students for success in a globally competitive, multicultural, and changing environment;
  2. Provide a supportive and student-centered learning environment for high achieving, diverse, and motivated students that enhance their success;
  3. Maintain a high-quality faculty and staff that support a student-centered, urban research university;
  4. Strengthen the University of New Orleans’ research and creative activity;
  5. Maintain and manage every University of New Orleans campus facility in an ecologically, economically and socially sound manner;
  6. Broaden the University of New Orleans’ image as a premier university at the regional, national and international level while expanding our connection to the community.

Within each of these goals, the strategic plan lists action steps, responsible parties, a plan and strategies for how to assess and improve the outcomes. Fos said he will call upon members of the university community—faculty, staff, alumni and others—to achieve the goals in an innovative, collaborative and flexible manner.

UNO 2020 also details the mission, scope, vision and values of the University of New Orleans, which opened its doors in 1958 as the first-fully integrated public university in the South. The institution was founded on the twin pillars of educational excellence and accessibility and these characteristics are still at the core of what UNO offers, Fos said. To view the entire UNO 2020 document visit: