Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014

Marketing Week 3.0 Will Bring Seventeen Speakers to UNO Campus

keting Board and voice of the New Orleans Saints. UNO alumnus Mark Romig is president and chief executive officer of the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Board and voice of the New Orleans Saints.

Regional marketing and advertising leaders visit the University of New Orleans next week for Marketing Week, a 5-day event that provides students a chance to learn more about the fields of marketing and advertising.

"The intent is to expose our students to a wide variety of careers that they can pursue with a marketing degree and we do this by bringing successful marketing professionals into the classroom," said Professor of Marketing Pamela Kennett-Hensel. "They speak about what they do. They provide professional advice about how to break into the profession."

Now in its third year, UNO Marketing Week is designed to help interested students, particularly marketing majors, polish their skills as they prepare for careers in marketing, Mark Romig, a UNO alumnus who is president and chief executive officer of the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation, as well as the voice of the New Orleans Saints, will serve as keynote speaker at a special Tuesday lunch. Throughout the week, seventeen leading marketers from around the region will speak to UNO students.

Everyone – faculty, staff and students -- is welcome to attend Marketing 3.0, said Kennett-Hensel.

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Marketing Week 3.0 runs Monday through Friday, Oct. 20-24 at the University of New Orleans.

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"In class students study marketing theory and they really acquire the tools necessary to go out and start a career in marketing, but we really want to give them a chance to see what other people have done with a degree in marketing and all of the available career paths to them," said Kennett-Hensel. "It also gives them an opportunity to network with all of the top marketing professionals in the New Orleans area."

Marketing is one of the top undergraduate majors at the University and UNO also offers a concentration in marketing in the MBA program, said Kennett-Hensel, who is chair of the Department of Management and Marketing.

Speakers will visit the University's international marketing, strategic marketing management, principles of marketing, marketing management, promotion management, sales management, marketing research methods, introduction to marketing research, consumer behavior and personal selling classes.

Marketing Week's speakers include:

  • Troy Cox of Brand Society;
  • Steve Schulkens and Matt Willard of Schulkens Communication;
  • Sondra Brown of Market Dynamics Research Group;
  • Katherine LeBlanc, a marketing and communications manager for Smoothie King;
  • Jennifer Boneno of Zehnder Communications;
  • Joe Biderman of Hiller Jewelry;
  • Alexander M. McIntyre, Jr., of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz;
  • Amy Early Schneider of Humana MarketPoint Louisiana;
  • Michelle Edelman of Peter Mayer Advertising;
  • Jeffrey Ory of il Stratega;
  • consultant Virginia Saussy;
  • marketing research consultant Jessica Broome;
  • Alexander Landin of Phelps Dunbar;
  • Melissa Delhom Sabathier of Strategic Restaurants Acquisition Company;
  • Gerard Sambola of Samson Business Products;
  • Malcolm Schwarzenbach of Trumpet Group.

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