Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

Lakefront Arena Celebrates 31st Anniversary

Over the last 31 years, the University of New Orleans Senator Nat J. Kiefer has seen a lot of changes.Over the last 31 years, the University of New Orleans Senator Nat J. Kiefer has seen a lot of changes.

The Lakefront Arena celebrates 31 years of history this month.

Since opening its doors in November of 1983, the Arena has been the destination for live entertainment – bringing in more than 12 million patrons to the city of New Orleans for world-class concerts, family and comedy shows, commencement ceremonies, athletic events and thousands of other events.

Among its long list of distinguished guests, the Lakefront Arena has hosted His Holiness Pope John Paul II in 1987, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in 2013, Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, musicians and entertainers, and worked with promoters such as AEG, Beaver Productions, FELD and Live Nation to name a few.

Here's a look at some of the great performances the arena has hosted over the last 31 years:

November 1, 1983: Grand Opening: Lionel Richie and The Pointer Sisters

October 30, 1984: Cyndi Lauper

May 7, 1985: Madonna

January 25, 1986: Frank Sinatra

July 26, 1987: Run DMC

February 28, 1988: Aerosmith

November 23, 1989: Public Enemy

November 22, 1990: M.C. Hammer

May 28, 1991: Whitney Houston

February 23, 1992: Rush

August 18, 1993: Tina Turner

April 30, 1994: Aretha Franklin

April 29, 1995: Ray Charles

August 24, 1996: AC/DC

March 16, 1997: Celine Dion

January 2, 1998: Artist Formerly Known as Prince

February 3, 1999: Bob Dylan

May 4, 2000: Red Hot Chili Peppers

January 14, 2001: Green Day

April 12, 2002: Robin Williams

August 26, 2003: Tom Petty

May 11, 2004: Dave Chappelle

July 13, 2005: Duran Duran

2006: Closed for necessary renovations post Hurricane Katrina

2007: Closed for necessary renovations post Hurricane Katrina

May 2, 2008: Lakefront Arena re-opened its doors to the public on May 2, 2008 with Disney's High School Musical On Ice, after being closed for nearly three years following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

December 27, 2009: Lady Gaga

June 26, 2010: Sting

July 7, 2011: Wiz Khalifa

June 23, 2012: Miranda Lambert

February 24, 2013: Harlem Globetrotters

November 11, 2014: James Taylor


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