Monday, May 26, 2014

GiveNOLA Day Brings a Little Something Extra for UNO

The University of New Orleans participated in a community-wide giving campaign in May that brought extra funds to its development fund.

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GiveNOLA Day is the community's first one-day online giving event designed to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations that make the region stronger and help local communities to thrive. Every dollar donated to the University of New Orleans through the campaign from midnight to midnight on Tuesday, May 6 was increased with additional "lagniappe" dollars provided by the Greater New Orleans Foundation and GiveNOLA Day sponsors.

"Raising awareness about our participation in this important community-wide campaign resulted in $10,898 of support for UNO from 94 donors," said Melissa Tyler, annual fund manager for University Advancement.

UNO's participation in the 24-hour giving campaign helped the University to win a $1,000 "Round the Clock" grant and an additional $1,085 in "Lagniappe" funds through the Greater New Orleans Foundation, Tyler said.

The University of New Orleans joined more than 300 organizations participating in GiveNOLA Day and of the four universities participating, UNO was the only one representing public higher education.

The first-time giving campaign raised 19,625 gifts totaling well over $2 million. Nationally, the Give Local America movement raised 309,058 gifts totaling more than $51 million.

Next year's GiveNOLA Day event is slated for Tuesday, May 7, 2015.


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