Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun on Campus: Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Releases Results

Campus life continues to get more exciting at the University of New Orleans, where the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership released results on Friday that show student leadership and involvement activities have reached an all-time high.

"This year was fantastic for the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership!" said Dale O'Neill and Lee Anne Sipe in a 2013-2014 Year in Review prepared for the SIL Scoop, a new student newsletter created by their office. "Students were more engaged than ever — and the numbers show it."

Data compiled by O'Neill and Sipe -- who serve as director and assistant director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership -- show:


SIL by the Numbers

In 2013-2014...

Student Organizations hosted nearly 400 events on campus.

SIL's leadership program participation increased by 24% (compared to spring 2011).

Service Coalition recycled 762 lbs. of Mardi Gras beads (since 2013).

Students completed 271.95 service hours volunteering with Service Coalition.

Greek life has grown by 17% (compared to spring 2013) and more than 33 percent in the last three years.

Greek organizations raised $17,319.23.

Student Activities Council (SAC) inducted 36 new members, more than any year in its history!

Average SAC event attendance was 148 students.

1,315 people attended SUCbAUF.

Student Government budgeted more than $275,000 toward projects, programs, and supplies to benefit the University of New Orleans.

SIL’s leadership programs have seen an overall 24% increase in participation since 2011.SIL's leadership programs have seen an overall 24% increase in participation since 2011.

Leadership Programs

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership executes an array of leadership programs, including retreats, workshops, networking events, and the leadership awards ceremony throughout the year.

SIL's leadership programs have seen an overall 24% increase in participation since 2011.

More specifically, the Leadership Summit has experienced a 15% increase in participation since 2011;

The Leadership Retreat has seen a 26% increase in attendance since 2012.

Privateer Camp has increased 31% since 2012.

The Transfer Retreat for Leadership increased by 26% since 2011.

The 2014 Leadership Recognition Ceremony experienced a 23% increase in attendees and nominations compared to 2013.

 The Service Coalition at UNO works to address New Orleans’ social, environmental, and educational needs by volunteering with various nonprofits, 20 in total for 2013-2014.

Community Service Programs

The Service Coalition at UNO is a student-run community service resource of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. The organization serves as the connection between volunteers, student groups, nonprofits and service providers.

The Service Coalition works to address New Orleans' social, environmental, and educational needs by volunteering with various non-profits, 20 in total for 2013-2014.

The Service Coalition hosted nine (9) total service opportunities for students, totaling 271.95 service hours in the community and on campus.


Since Spring 2013, sorority life has grown by 22 percent and fraternity life has grown by 10 percent.





Greek Life

UNO recognizes 10 Greek organizations, each of which is a campus chapter of a national group.

Since Spring 2013, sorority life has grown by 22%.

Since Spring 2013, fraternity life has grown by 10%.

While the number of Greek members has increased overall, the National PanHellenic Council (NPHC), comprised of UNO's historically African American Greek organizations, has seen a slight decrease in membership.

Since Spring 2013, Greek Life overall has grown by 17%.

UNO's Greek organizations take great pride in performing community service, completing 4,941 community service hours in 2013-2014.

Greek organizations hosted 135 campus-wide events, including social, service, and philanthropic events.

Greeks also support various causes, including the Save the Lake Foundation for Lake Pontchartrain.

In 2013-2014, Greek organizations raised $17,319.23, including $1,048.00 from Greek Week.

Student Activities Council hosted 51 events for students during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Student Activities Council

SAC events are organized by type: entertainment (music & performance-based events), cultural arts (educational & diversity events), special events (campus traditions), and lagniappe (miscellaneous events such as the annual Welcome Week organization fair, Fresh Fest).

In 2013-2014, SAC executed 51 events (25 in the fall semester, 26 in the spring semester).

Average event attendance for the fall semester was 148 students (3,700 attendees over 25 events); for spring semester was 181 students (4,705 attendees over 26 events).


The year's most popular events include:

        • SUCbAUF 27th Annual Crawfish Boil (1,315),
        • Welcome Back Luau (500),
        • Holi Festival of Colors (400),
        • Holiday Warm Up (300),
        • Movie in the Amphitheater: Now You See Me (250),
        • Drive-In Movie: Monster's University and We're the Millers (250),
        • and UNO's Got Talent (200).


Additionally, a number of SAC events were recognized in the local media, including: Silent Disco, Holi Festival of Colors, and Homecoming.

Last, but not least, UNO's Student Activities Council was recognized regionally at the National Association of Campus Activities Central Conference for Excellence in Publicity and Marketing, and received awards for Best Website (Medium School Division) and Best Print Media (Medium School Division).

Student Government

During the Fall 2013 semester, Student Government passed 14 bills benefiting 12 various social, scholastic, and cultural organizations. The total amount of funding granted by Student Government in Fall 2013 was $25,845.21. This money translated into over 450 service hours to be performed to better the UNO as well as New Orleans community at large.

During the Spring 2014 semester, Student Government passed 13 bills, providing nearly $18,000 in funding toward nearly 20 offices, colleges, and student organizations resulting in 230 service hours provided to UNO as well as New Orleans community at large.

Three resolutions were passed and forwarded to campus administration, including opinions regarding the Children's Center closure, e-cigarettes on campus, and the development of a safe-ride program.

Sand Volleyball courts were also funded to be built with $37,702.00 from the Student Government Reserve account.

President Brandan Bonds issued 13 executive orders in 2013-2014, spending a total of $14,971.39 from his executive account. Per the last meeting of the semester there were 27 total senators.


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