Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014

French Consul General Visits University of New Orleans

French Consul General Gregor Trumel met Thursday with University of New Orleans President Peter J. Fos.Newly appointed French Consul General to New Orleans Gregor Trumel, seen here at left, met Thursday with University of New Orleans President Peter J. Fos, right, to discuss business and educational opportunities.

The newly appointed French Consul General to New Orleans met Thursday with President Peter J. Fos to discuss possible educational and business cooperation between the University of New Orleans and the French Consulate. Gregor Trumel was accompanied by Raymond Hinz, who is the consulate's representative for university relations.

The meeting was "friendly and productive," said Marie Kaposchyn, program director for The Glories of France program, a summer study abroad program in Montpelier, France.

Trumel was the guest of honor at a luncheon sponsored by the Division of International Education where he interacted with UNO students who participated in the Glories of France summer program, now entering its 33rd year. The students related their experiences taking UNO summer courses in France, learning about cultural differences and similarities between the two countries and interacting with French students, said Kaposchyn.

On the University of New Orleans's Glories of France study abroad program, students and staff are truly immersed in the French culture. They are housed in private apartment studios surrounded by lush lavender and flowery plants, within walking distance to the Montpelier SupAgro, the Languedoc-Roussillon region's prominent university known for its programs in agriculture and engineering. During the five-week program, students spend a weekend in Paris and travel to nearby cities such as Carcasonne, Arles and Nice. They visit vineyards in the Rhone and Burgundy wine regions and enjoy beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.

Juliana Star, who is an associate professor of foreign languages at UNO and chair of the UNO Foreign Language Department, discussed the importance of the study of foreign languages with the Consul. Kaposchyn and Alea Morelock Cot, assistant vice president for international education, escorted the group on a tour around campus.

The University of New Orleans is ranked fourth in the state for foreign student populations, with 810 students constituting nearly one-eighth of the student body and making up 10 percent of the total international student population in Louisiana.

In 2013, UNO's Division of International Education sent abroad approximately 500 students representing 45 universities on study or exchange programs in Austria, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy and Turkey. In addition, UNO students are frequent recipients of prestigious national awards for study abroad including Fulbright, Gilman and Boren awards.


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