Thursday, March 7, 2013 Releases Report Highlighting 12 Key Neighborhood Studies, a collaborative public participation geographic information systems (GIS) project, supported by the University of New Orleans Department of Planning and Urban Studies, has released a report that highlights 12 key neighborhood studies that WhoData has created or made accessible to the public since it launched in 2009. The web-based community data mapping application was made publicly available in 2010. aims to share geographic data with public and private organizations alike through this online mapping tool. It empowers organizations throughout the city by providing them with a platform to map and analyze the information they collect on properties in their area. It allows residents to assess their own neighborhoods, highlight properties that show indicators of blight, create their own maps and property lists, and share this information with the public.'s inaugural newsletter details the many ways in which the organization has provided research support, quality of life analysis, market research and cartographic aids to its community partners.

"Our work is not unique, but it is a measured success of how we moved from a dream to an idea realized to keep data public for the citizens and City of New Orleans," said Michelle Thompson, program director and assistant professor of planning and urban studies.

Nearly all of the projects featured in the newsletter were completed by residents, community partners, and volunteers from, or affiliated with, the University of New Orleans Department of Planning and Urban Studies, with support from GISCorps and the Regional Planning Commission.

Download the newsletter from the PLUS website.
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