Monday, July 15, 2013

University of New Orleans Hosts
Greek Leadership Summit

Greek Life is on the rise at the University of New Orleans and today members of the University's six sororities and eight fraternities are assembled at the University Center for a Leadership Summit.

"I'm really excited about it because Greek Life could grow to be so big at UNO," said Dale O'Neill, Interim Director of Student Life and Involvement. "I'm trying to do these leadership development programs so that they can grow together as a community and develop best practices."

Approximately 150 to 200 students are typically members of Greek Life on campus, O'Neill said. The largest chapter at UNO has 30 members. Greek organizations are already having a huge impact on campus, said O'Neill, citing a spike in membership and grade point averages and pointing to a sorority that this spring raised more than $10,000 for Autism Awareness.

"They're doing good stuff. It's just about supporting them," said O'Neill. "Hopefully this is going to become a tradition."

Today's Greek Leadership Summit is the first of its kind at UNO and the first event that the University has sponsored solely for Greeks.

At today's five-hour summit, the Greeks will learn about conflict resolution and ways in which to communicate effectively. In a seminar, they will explore conflict resolution styles appropriate for different types of agreement.

Students will also explore leadership and personality types. In a session led by Asia Wong, director of outreach for UNO Counseling Services, the Greeks will explore how their personality types influence their individual leadership styles and discuss how to use this knowledge and their personality differences effectively.

Coordinator of Campus Programs LeeAnne Sipe will host a seminar on creating and planning events with impact.

"Every event, whether large or small, should impact an organization in a positive way," said Sipe, who said Greeks will learn to focus on the purpose of the event and the people involved. "This session will help students plan events with intention."

Cherie Kay Thriffiley, a visitor from Southeastern University, where she heads the Office for Student Engagement, will host a special seminar aimed at organization social chairs and event planners called "Expanding Faculty, Staff and Adviser Relationships."The seminar is aimed at organizational leaders who want to learn how to improve relationships with Faculty, Staff and Advisers – and take their organizations to the next level.

Associate Dean of Student Affairs Amy King weighs in heavily with a presentation on student accountability and the importance of understanding UNO policy. King, who handles adjudication matters at UNO, will inform Greeks about the foundation of University policy, why it is important for students to know and understand and how University policy can affect the organization. Through the seminars, Greeks will gain a better understanding of how to increase accountability within their organizations.

Projecting a positive image is often the key to organizational success, and Christy Heaton, associate director of orientation and first year experience at UNO, will talk to Greeks about ways to improve their organizations' images on campus and in the community. Greeks involved in programming, recruitment and judicial affairs are especially encouraged to attend. Heaton will inform them or resources available to help with image management.

From the Frat House to the Board Room: Victor Cato, a job location and career development coordinator in UNO Career Services, will identify traits and characteristics that set Greeks apart from other non-Greek job applicants, as well as best practices for incorporating these themes into career portfolios. Those creating or updating their resumes or preparing to apply for jobs after graduation will benefit from the seminar, Cato said.

First Year Experience student success counselor Nicole Ralston will zero in on "Greek Traditions: How to Live Your Organization's Values."

"All Greek organizations have traditions, which represent underlying values," Ralston said. "This presentation will provide you with a better understanding of how to incorporate your organization's values into your Greek experience and use them to create connections with others."


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