Monday, April 15, 2013

UNO Office of Enrollment Services Advances Priority Enrollment Outreach

student success counselorsStudent success counselors Mike Hoffshire, Nicole Ralston and Meghan Schwab are working to ensure that students take advantage of priority enrollment.

The University of New Orleans' Office of Enrollment Services is working hard to ensure that first-year freshmen and transfer students are registered for classes before the summer crush of incoming new students.

"A lot of students don't realize the urgency of this process," said UNO student success counselor Mike Hoffshire, who spent three days last week hosting registration and information tables in the University Center in an effort to promote awareness and action.

Registration is now open to current students for summer and fall courses, Hoffshire said. UNO gives current students priority registration from April 8 – 28, when registration opens to a slew of prospective students, incoming freshmen and transfer students. Early registration gives students a leg up on securing the courses they need to graduate and pursue certain majors, as well as a better chance of enrollment in popular electives.

The First Year Experience Registration Expo that ran from Tuesday through Thursday last week in the University Center lobby was an expanded version of registration workshops held in the fall. Student success counselors were on hand to provide assistance navigating the Webstar system. Faculty and academic advisers from various colleges were on hand to provide academic guidance in choosing courses.

Students who have completed fewer than 30 credit hours and some majors are required to attain courseload approval from an academic adviser before completing the registration process, Hoffshire said. A priority enrollment session for student-athletes, who have tight schedules and course demands, took place on Monday.

The student success counselors plan to host a "Last Chance" registration workshop from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16, in the UC main lobby.

"The whole message we're trying to get across is: You have priority enrollment, so you should use that priority and make your life easier," said Meghan Schwab, another UNO student success counselor.

Some classes are only offered one semester per year; others have limited enrollment, Schwab said. Failure to attain registration in needed classes could impact length of time at the university, semester tuition or even financial aid offered to full-time students in their last semester, Schwab said.

The registration push is an effort to ensure that students enroll in their preferred classes and graduate on time, said Schwab. Information sessions are also designed to dispel myths. One can register for classes now without paying tuition, which is not due until the first week of classes, Schwab said. Registration also need not be permanent -- one can add or drop classes later.

The new registration education sessions stem from information gleaned last year by student success counselors, who learned through follow-up phone calls to spring students who hadn't enrolled for fall classes in a timely manner that many of those students had avoided registration simply because, they said, they didn't understand the process.

Student success counselors are on hand in Milneburg Hall, Room 159 to help students with their needs, Schwab said. The University Computing Center's Help Desk is just a phone call away at 280-HELP. Help Desk also has guidance online on how to use the Webstar system.

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