Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013

UNO Student Leaders Converge At This Month's Leadership Summit

leadership summitStudent leaders from different organizations engage in networking activities where they exchange information about their team’s goals and discuss partnership opportunities during the annual Leadership Summit.

Student leaders from more than 130 organizations at the University of New Orleans will spend time together this month at a special summit designed to strengthen their individual and collective strength.

Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit runs from 7 to 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 15 in the University Center Ballroom. Check-in starts at 6:30 p.m. Event is invitation-only.

The annual Leadership Summit is hosted by the University's Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and the student the University's Leadership Cabinet, comprised of 23 student leaders selected through an application and interview process. The invitation-only event will bring together executive board members from all student organizations on campus. More than 500 students are expected to attend.

"It's basically an opportunity for all executive board members of the more than 130 student organizations on campus to meet and greet each other and to basically share ideas for upcoming events–basically to network with each other and benefit from each other," said Whitney A. Marshall, Leadership Recognition Chair.

Diversity is the mantra in the UNO Leadership Cabinet, where student leaders of diverse backgrounds, leadership styles, and personalities unite in an effort to inspire fellow students to become effective, ethical leaders and responsible citizens, both on campus and beyond. The UNO Leadership Cabinet was started more than 20 years ago as a leadership initiative within the Division of Student Affairs and has been funded through Student Government since the Cabinet's inception as service to the students. The UNO Leadership Cabinet aims to provide leadership opportunities for all students on campus regardless of their leadership experience and to improve and enhance student success in college and beyond.

The Leadership Summit will include an address to student leaders by Student Government President Brandan Bonds and a keynote address from President Peter J. Fos. The evening also includes a host of networking and leadership activities, include a session entitled "Perception Vs. Reality." The session allows student organization leaders to present existing perceptions—good and bad—of their organizations and to challenge those perceptions with established facts.

The University boasts a whopping 130-plus active student organizations, a number unheard of for an organization of the University's size. Many students on campus belong to several organizations.

Marshall, for example, serves on the University Leadership Cabinet, is Vice President of Membership for the University's Student Activities Council and is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, a National Honors Society open to students who earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher during the first quarter at a four-year university. In her "free time" she works at the University's Earl K. Long Library.

"We're doing this basically to give various organizational leaders the opportunity to meet other campus leaders. We don't usually get together all in one room," said Marshall. "This is a chance for us to get together, to strategize and to basically get to know one another."


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