Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Student Government Hosts Facebook Contest to Rename Cafeteria

cafeteriaUNO Student Government hosts a facebook contest next week to rename the cafeteria in the University Center. Join the fun!

Student Government at the University of New Orleans is hosting a contest on facebook to rename the University cafeteria.

The University Center cafeteria, where dining services are currently provided by Aramark Corporation, is now known as the RFoC, an Aramark acronym for "Real Food on Campus." President Peter J. Fos, who attended the University, remembers when the friendly cafeteria was named The Galley and served as one of the most popular gathering spots on campus. As the president makes changes across campus, he wants the dining hall to be a welcoming and celebrated place for students.

"President Fos has asked Student Government to come up with a contest to rename the RFoC cafeteria on campus," said Student Government President Brandan Bonds. "So we thought of a way to...reach out to the student body."

The University of New Orleans facebook page will begin taking suggestions at noon on Thursday, Oct. 3 with a special post dedicated to the contest. The University will also repost the contest announcement at noon on Monday on Wednesday in hopes of getting strong participation.

All undergraduate and graduate students at UNO are welcome to submit names directly beneath the facebook post, Bonds said. UNO faculty and staff are not eligible for prizes, although their suggestions are certainly welcome.

"We're looking for your best ideas. Show us your style," said Bonds. "We're interested in names that showcase University history, spirit, Privateer Pride, and/or our connections to the city. Be creative. Be fun. We'll be living with this name for a long time."

A student committee will narrow submissions to the top three or four names and submit them to a second, larger committee, including both student representatives and administration officials, who will make the final selection.

The student who suggests the winning name will receive two prizes: $250 added to declining balance privileges from Aramark and a $250 gift card from Follett Higher Education Corporation for use in the UNO Bookstore.

"G-rated submissions only, please," said Bonds. "We definitely want to stick with Privateer, New Orleans or UNO-themed names."

Editor's Note: The contest has been rescheduled to run from Monday, Oct. 7 through Monday, Oct. 14.