Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UNO Rolls Out "Academic Days"

Chemistry Academic Day is underway at the University of New Orleans, where approximately 30 area high schoolers aspiring to be chemistry majors will get an inside look at the University's program.

"Students in grades 9 to 11 will visit campus, have the chance to do hands-on experiments with current graduate and undergraduate students, learn about nanoscience with Dr. Matthew Tarr, (who is chair of the chemistry department at UNO), have lunch on campus, and ask questions of current undergraduate students from chemistry, biology, and psychology during a student panel Q&A session," said Lindsey Jakiel, recruitment and retention coordinator for chemistry programs in the University's College of Sciences.

Chemistry Academic Day is one of three such days planned this month at UNO, said Director of Enrollment Services Dave Meredith. Whereas Explore UNO, an open house held on campus in the fall, allows prospective students a broad overview of the University and its resources, academic days are designed to help prospective students get a real understanding of what their academic careers might look like if they pursue specific majors.

Today's Chemistry Academic Day will be followed by academic days in the University's international studies program and engineering department, administrators said. Engineering Academic Day is planned from 8 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. on Friday, April 19. No date has yet been set for the international studies program. 

"It gets high school students into the departments to meet faculty and staff," said Christy Heaton, associate director for first year experience and student success.

The University's foray into academic days, now in their first year at UNO, marks the kickoff of a whirlwind period for the UNO Office of Enrollment Services. From March until September, the office will be in full-blown recruitment mode, working to recruit new first-year and transfer students at high school around the country and the world. Staff will also be seizing on opportunities closer to home, such as this week's annual district literary rally, which will bring more than 1,500 students in grades 8-12 to campus to take exams.

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