Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UNO Professor to Be Featured on PBS Special ‘Mind of a Rampage Killer’

Paul Frick interview for PBS NOVA specialUNO psychology professor Paul Frick fields questions from NOVA correspondent Miles O'Brien during a Jan. 30 interview on UNO's campus.

(February 19, 2013, New Orleans, La.)- University of New Orleans psychology professor Paul Frick will be featured in the NOVA program “Mind of a Rampage Killer” that will air nationally on PBS on Wednesday night. Locally, it will be shown on WYES-TV from 8-9 p.m.

In “Mind of a Rampage Killer,” correspondent Miles O’Brien investigates theories into what drives rampage killers. He explores what science reveals about a brain at risk for violence and whether suicide, or the desire to go out in a media-fueled blaze of glory, is a main motivation. In January, O’Brien and a camera crew spent a day on UNO’s campus, interviewing Frick about these and other relevant topics.

Paul Frick is a distinguished university professor and chair of the psychology department at UNO. His research focuses on understanding the different pathways through which youth develop severe antisocial behavior and aggression and the implications of this research for assessment and treatment. His research investigates the characteristics of these children at various developmental stages and he attempts to integrate this research with forensic research on the psychopathic personality and developmental research on conscience development to provide a lifespan perspective on antisocial and aggressive behavior. 

Finally Frick focuses on using this research to improve assessments and interventions for antisocial and aggressive youth in mental health settings, in schools, and in the juvenile justice system.

“Mind of a Rampage Killer” is part of PBS’ “After Newtown” initiative, a series of documentaries, news reports and public affairs programs that provides thought-provoking context to the national conversation about gun violence in America. PBS has brought together its science, documentary and public affairs programs to provide in-depth reporting on the myriad issues related to gun violence, including gun laws, mental health support and availability, and school safety.


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