Friday, June 21, 2013

UNO Office of the President
Receives Art from the Ogden Museum

New paintings now dazzle the Office of the President at the University of New Orleans, where artwork from the University's Ogden Museum of Southern Art is now on display.

"The art is from the Permanent Collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art," said Ogden spokeswoman Sue Strachan. "As part of UNO, the Ogden Museum is pleased to have President Fos showcase the art in his office."

The University of New Orleans' Ogden Museum of Southern Art, located at 925 Camp St. in New Orleans' arts district, boasts the largest collection of Southern Art in the world. Now showcased in the office of University President Peter J. Fos are works by Mississippi-born Maryland artist Andrew Bucci; Georgia artist Ben Smith; Arless Day, who was born in Louisiana and is now based in Florida, and David Nixon of Louisiana.

Wyatt Esteves, a UNO graduate student now pursuing his master's degree in arts administration, installed the works last week. As a complement to his studies, Esteves works a graduate assistant at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Prior to attending UNO, Esteves received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Business from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala.


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