WhoData Releases First-of-its-Kind Road
Home Map

WhoData, a collaborative community mapping application supported by the University of New Orleans, has released a new map that identifies parcels of land in New Orleans whose owners received Road Home money to rebuild their dwellings. The map and accompanying analysis represent a previously unseen geographic portrait of properties whose owners took the rebuilding option, or Option 1, across New Orleans.

Initial analysis shows 11 of 72 neighborhoods had more than 1,000 parcels of Option 1 properties, while 10 neighborhoods had fewer than 50 parcels whose owners committed to rebuild using Road Home funds. The analysis also shows that New Orleans City Council Districts D and E contained a significantly larger number of Option 1 properties.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funded the Road Home program to help affected residents return to their homes. Under Option 1, recipients signed covenants to rebuild their homes within three years in exchange for grants of up to $150,000.

“The Option 1 map provides City of New Orleans officials and neighborhood organizations with a better understanding of where the recipients live. It also helps in evaluating the effectiveness of this unique post-Hurricane Katrina program,” said Michelle Thompson, assistant professor of planning and urban studies. “We will be putting the Option 1 on the website, WhoData.org, which serves as a point of reference to assess, analyze and ameliorate the ongoing problems with blighted, vacant, and underutilized property that ensnare many areas of the city.”

WhoData.org, which is supported by UNO’s Department of Planning and Urban Studies, enables residents to track and highlight properties that show indicators of blight.

To download the Option 1 map and analysis, visit www.whodata.net.