Video Spotlights UNO's Role in Revitalization of Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood

A new online video spotlights the role that the University of New Orleans Department of Planning and Urban Studies (UNO-PLUS) and WhoData have played in the revitalization of the Hoffman Triangle neighborhood of New Orleans. WhoData, which is supported by UNO-PLUS, is a collaborative community mapping application that enables residents to track and highlight properties that show indicators of blight.

“For the last two years, UNO-PLUS students and WhoData volunteers have put public participation geographic information systems into practice,” said Michelle Thompson, assistant professor of planning and urban studies. “This fall we’ll be updating the Hoffman Triangle neighborhood profile to evaluate how well the coordination among the community, city and university has aided in removing blight, debris and tires.”

UNO-PLUS and WhoData have provided ongoing support to Associated Neighborhood Development and other community organizations by gathering data and relaying the information back to the community, said Thompson.

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