UNO Student Government Presents Awards for Study Abroad

The University of New Orleans Student Government is proud to announce the recipients of the 2012/2013 Academic Year SG International Study Abroad Awards.

The awards were created to encourage UNO students to study abroad on UNO's various international programs offered via the Division of International Education and to recognize UNO students who contribute to the University campus community, said Mary Hicks, who is program director for the University's Division of International Education, International Student Exchange Program, summer study seminars in Prague and summer abroad program in Japan.

Recipients are participants in UNO's Fall, Spring, or full Academic Year study abroad programs via the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) or the Academic Year Abroad (AYA) program to Innsbruck, Austria. These awards go to assist the students in their study abroad endeavors and help many students "to make the most of their UNO degree," Hicks said.

Undergraduate students who received the Student Government's 2012/2013 Academic Year Abroad Awards are James Brodie LeBlue, a political science major studying in UNO-ISEP's program in Istanbul; Mary Grace Bernard, an international studies major studying in UNO-ISEP's program in Paris; Shelby Kendrick, a history major also studying in UNO-ISEP Istanbul; Timothy Bakken, a political science major studying abroad in UNO-ISEP Istanbul; Chelsea Armstrong, an English major studying in UNO's AYA program Innsbruck; Austria; Lauren Reeks, a film and theatre major studying abroad in UNO's ISEP program in Prague and Benjamin Samuels, a film and theatre major studying abroad in UNO's ISEP program in Hamburg, Germany.

LeBlue won a presidential award scholarship; Bernard and Kendrick received senatorial awards; Bakken, Armstrong and Samuels received undergraduate departmental awards.