UNO Graduate Student Compiles Report on Commercial Corridor Revitalization Programs

University of New Orleans graduate student Alena Anderson has compiled a report on existing Commercial Corridor Revitalization Programs (CCRPs) in New Orleans. CCRPs are programs that support economic development along commercial corridors, also known as main streets. Anderson’s report was funded by the Foundation for Louisiana and produced with Michelle Thompson, UNO assistant professor of planning and urban studies.

The goal of the report, entitled “Where Y’at? An Evaluation of Commercial Corridor Revitalization Programs in New Orleans,” is to provide local officials, planners and future researchers with a consolidated reference to the goals, objectives and missions of existing CCRPs in New Orleans. The study also provides some examples of programs, projects and funding resources utilized by these CCRPs to increase economic activity in each prospective neighborhood studied.

“Based on this report, I believe that CCRPs will be essential to the continued economic growth and prosperity of the New Orleans market,” said Anderson, who is a graduate student in the UNO Department of Planning and Urban Studies. “It is imperative that the local government, planning professionals and stakeholders involved with these programs work together to create an organized system for providing these programs with the necessary funding and support to make these programs more viable and sustainable.”

“One of the key pieces to revitalizing the City of New Orleans will be to continue the work of the Unified New Orleans Plan,” Thompson said. “The practical application of these plans depends upon collecting current information through ongoing assessments of both the conditions and needs of commercial corridor stakeholders and investors. This report provides a substantial evaluation of the state of New Orleans’ main streets.” 

The full report is available at