UNO Counseling Services Accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services

Following a rigorous assessment and accreditation process, UNO Counseling Services has been re-accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc. (IACS), an Alexandria, Va.- based organization of United States, Canadian and Australian counseling agencies.

“UNO Counseling Services was evaluated by IACS against high standards of counseling practice including strict ethical standards and the nature and quality of the counseling, consultation and psychoeducational outreach services provided, and was found to offer competent and reliable professional services to its clientele,” said Adrian Pere, assistant dean of the UNO Counseling and Career Center, in recent correspondence.

IACS was established in 1972 to assist counseling centers in meeting high professional standards through peer evaluation and to inform college and university communities about the availability of competent and reliable mental health resources on their campuses, said Pere. Approval by IACS is also dependent upon evidence of continuing professional development and demonstration of excellence of counseling performance.

Under Pere’s direction, UNO Counseling Services offers problem assessment, short-term personal counseling and career testing and counseling to UNO students. Counseling Services also provides consultation regarding student mental health concerns for UNO faculty and staff, referrals for students requiring longer-term or specialized treatment, crisis intervention and psychoeducational outreach to the UNO community. Counseling Services is also a training site for students in counseling, social work and other behavioral health graduate programs.

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