UNO Cheerleaders Receive Top Marks at UCA Cheerleading Competition

University of New Orleans cheerleaders dazzled judges with high kicks, loud yells, bright smiles and perfect stunts earlier this month at a four-day cheerleading camp hosted by the Universal Cheerleaders Association in San Marcos, Tex.

“We had three blue superior ribbons and one red excellent ribbon,” said UNO cheerleading coach Scott Sanchez. “We had three trophies – second place in fight song, fourth place in sideline and sixth place on cheer -- then the mascot, Lafitte, won the Newcomer Award, a plaque for outstanding new mascot. This is her first year being a mascot. Who is she? Well, mascot etiquette says that you don’t reveal who your mascot is, and mascots don’t talk when they’re in costume.”

UNO cheerleaders have for years attended the annual four-day cheerleading camp, held this year from July 13-16 at Texas State University, Sanchez said. The cheerleaders won all their awards performing material taught and learned at camp. The cheerleaders competed against teams from larger universities, including Texas State and Oklahoma State University.

“We’ve been going there for years,” said Sanchez. “And it’s basically where we learn all the material for the year and where we learn safety techniques, stunting and pyramiding skills, mascot skits, other things we plan to use throughout the year.”

The Privateer Athletic Foundation and donors provided funds to send the UNO cheerleaders – eleven women, two men and a mascot – to camp, at a cost of $350 per cheerleader, Sanchez said. This spring, the cheerleaders also raised $700 at a car wash, to help the team travel. A male cheerleader spending the summer in New York City, where he is fulfilling a six-week medical internship at Columbia University, flew to Austin, where the cheerleaders greeted him at the airport. Then the team caravanned to Texas State.

The UNO cheerleaders hope their success at camp is a harbinger for other UNO teams during the school year.

“We’re ready. We’re all set,” said Sanchez. “We may have a tryout in the beginning of fall to fill a few new positions.