UNO Adds New Non-Degree Educational Leadership Program

In an effort to provide school leaders with more educational choices, the University of New Orleans will begin a new alternate certification program in educational leadership. 

UNO’s College of Education and Human Development currently offers a Master of Education program which results in both a master’s degree and a certification in educational leadership. The new alternate program is a graduate non-degree program which gives candidates who already have a master’s degree and a minimum of two years of teaching experience an opportunity to complete the educational leadership certification requirements in a shorter period of time. 

Components of the program are tailored to the skills that a candidate demonstrates upon enrollment in the program. The program of study includes a field experience component that provides candidates with authentic and high-level leadership experiences. Program completers will obtain certification in educational leadership from the Louisiana Department of Education which allows them to hold leadership positions at schools, school districts and charter school organizations. 

For more information, contact the College of Liberal Arts, Education and Human Development at (504) 280-6450 or