Theatre UNO Launches "Suicide in the Key of Infomercial"

Theatre UNO continues its commitment to student-written original work this week launching a production of a dark comedy written and directed by two UNO graduate students and featuring an all-student cast.

“Suicide in the Key of Infomercial,” written by Jared Gore and directed by graduate assistant Timothy O’Neal, runs Tuesday through Sunday, Oct. 2-7 in the Lab Theatre of the UNO Performing Arts Center. Performances start at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and at 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Admission is $5.

The play is one of UNO’s official entries to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, according to Theatre UNO spokeswoman Jenny Billot. Both Gore and O'Neal are pursuing Master of Fine Arts degrees in Theatre. The cast is made up entirely of UNO graduate and undergraduate students. Faculty serve as set, lighting, props and costume designers. O'Neal, who is a graduate student in the University's Department of Film, Theatre and Communication Arts, also serves as the production's sound designer.

According to a synopsis, the dark comedy centers around Maggie, who is “pregnant and wants to hang herself in a dingy motel. Andrew is looking to buy drugs, but opened the door to the wrong room. Frank, Maggie’s demented Ex, is on a mission to get Maggie back. All bets are off as these people deal with their problems…Oh yeah, and there’s a guy on TV selling the American dream.”

Kaitlyn Heckel stars as Maggie, Justin Bupp stars as Andrew, Matt Rigdon plays Frank and Justin Guidroz is cast as “Infomercial Guy.” Hunter Christopher and Francisca Harold appear as the man and woman next door.

The production also features the work of stage manager Kit Sternberger; set designer Kevin Griffith; lighting designer Diane Baas; props designer Anthonyka Ferdinand; sound designer Timothy O’Neal; sound assistant Sarah Chatelain; costume designer Tony French and fight choreographer Michael Krikorian.