Theatre UNO Announces Fall and Spring Performances

Theatre UNO will kick off its 2012-2013 season next month with David Mamet’s critically acclaimed play, Race. The show will debut Sept. 11 at UNO’s Robert E. Nims Theatre in the Performing Arts Center on campus.

Mamet attacks the difficult subject of race head-on in this thought-provoking play and will provide serious after-theatre discussion. “Mamet adroitly mixes comic darts with tragic arrows,” reads a review of this Broadway hit in The Bloomberg News.

Next, the season continues its commitment to student-written original work with Suicide in the Key of Infomercial by Jared Gore. Then, Theatre UNO enjoys a fun twist on classic literature in the hands of master comedic writer Neil Simon, who translates Anton Chekhov’s charming stories into an evening of poignant vignettes in The Good Doctor.

To kick off the spring semester, Theatre UNO will perform Charles Mee’s Orestes 2.0.  Mee’s take on classic Greek plays has taken the modern theatre by storm. Audiences follow Euripides’ lyrical story as through the lens of a contemporary poet/playwright.

Since the inception The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival’s One-Act Playwriting Competition, Theatre UNO has put on performances of the wining play. This year’s production is Jumpers: A Play in One-Act by Jessica Alexander.

Closing out the season, Theatre UNO will perform a Shakespeare classic. The Taming of the Shrew is one of the Bard’s most produced plays.

For performance dates and contact information, visit  or call 280-SHOW (7469).

Theatre UNO: 2012-2013 Season

Sept. 11-16…………………………………………………..Race    by David Mamet  
                                            Robert E. Nims Theatre

The regional premier of David Mamet’s recent Broadway hit attacks the issue of race head-on.  The Bloomberg News says of this thought provoking play, “Mamet adroitly mixes comic darts with tragic arrows”.   Rated R for language

Oct. 2-7………                        Suicide in the Key of Infomercial   by Jared Gore   
                                                    Lab Theatre
Theatre UNO continues its commitment to student written original work with this dark comedy.   Maggie is pregnant and wants to hang herself in a dingy motel.  Andrew is looking to buy drugs, but opened the door to the wrong room. Frank, Maggie’s demented ex, is on a mission to get Maggie back.  All bets are off, as these people deal with difficult issues…Oh yeah, and there’s a guy on TV selling a time machine. Go figure.  Rated R for language

Nov. 13-18   ………………………………..…The Good Doctor       by Neil Simon   
                                            Robert E. Nims Theatre

This Broadway hit is a reimagining of Anton Chekhov short stories by one of the American theatre’s greatest humorist. The stories are droll, the portraits affectionate, the humor infectious and the fun unending. "A great deal of warmth and humor in his retelling of these Chekhovian tales." - Newhouse Newspapers   Rated PG-13 for Themes

Feb. 19-24……………………………………………..Orestes 2.0      by Charles Mee  
                                            Robert E. Nims Theatre

The “curse of Atreus” is alive and well in Argos.  Orestes, having killed his mother and her lover as revenge for the slaughter of his father, finds himself tormented by the guilt of the murder and the goddess Furies.  As told through a mixture of modern prosaic and ancient lyrical style, Charles Mee captures the soul of Euripides’ timeless play and asks the basic question; do we control our fate or are we bound to the mistakes of our ancestors?   Rated PG-13 for Themes

March 20-23………                Jumpers: A Play in One Act         by Jessica Alexander   
                                                    Lab Theatre

A desperate moment forges a deep connection in this darkly comedic meditation on life. When Mark and Sandrine show up at the local suicide spot at the same time, they begin to argue over who gets to jump first. Their heated exchange leads them to discoveries about life, love, purpose, God, and themselves, and takes them into an imagined future in which they travel around the world and back. Will they be saved by the encounter? Changed by it? Or will they give up and push each other off?   Rated PG-13 for Themes

Winner of the 2012 Tennessee Williams One-Act Playwriting Contest

April 30-May 5……..…                The Taming of the Shrew   by William Shakespeare
                                            Robert E. Nims Theatre

One of William Shakespeare’s great comedies, this play within a play gives us beautiful Bianca surrounded by potential suitors. Her father insists, however, she will not be allowed to marry until her shrewish sister, Katharina, is betrothed. Bianca's suitors persuade fortune-seeker, Petruchio to court her. Petruchio intends to “tame” Katharina for the purpose of marriage, but he has met his match in this classic battle of the sexes.     Rated PG

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