Office of Service Learning

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Student Involvement

UNO encourages socially-conscious students already enrolled at UNO as well as incoming freshmen with service learning experience to become service learning leaders.

Service Learning

The Office of Service Learning supports the University of New Orleans’ commitment to developing student knowledge while serving the region, the nation, and the world at-large as it connects community engagement to the university curriculum.

Service Learning at UNO

Community Engagement through Service Learning

Spend a semester accomplishing significant goals while you continue your academic degree at the University of New Orleans. Whether working for a non-profit organization, doing research to help save the wetlands or working with students in K-12 classrooms, your experience will be more than classroom learning alone.

Discover the rewarding experience of learning through engagement in one of America’s unique cities. Both incoming freshmen and current students enhance their studies at the University of New Orleans through service to the community. Additionally, visiting students from other universities can enjoy spending a semester in New Orleans doing something truly significant through service learning experiences at UNO.

Discover the rewarding experience of learning at the University of New Orleans in one of America's unique cities.

Make a difference to the lives of others!

Thank you to our supporters!

Service Learning at the University of New Orleans is made possible through generous support from the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation.

Student and Service Learning