Women's Center Hours:

Summer hours are:

Monday-Thursday, 11-6

Closed Friday, Saturday & Sunday

The Women's Center will be closed from July 9-July 29.

Women's Center

In the Spring of 1984, a group of UNO faculty and staff met to plan UNO’s first Women’s History Week program. The success of this event led to a revival of the UNO Association for Women, an organization for students, faculty, and staff. As its first project, the Association sought to establish a campus women’s center. In March of 1985, the UNO Women’s Center opened under the guidance of the Association, and since January of 1986, the Center has had its own Director. The Association was also successful in completing its other major project—founding the UNO Children’s Center, an on-campus daycare center.

During exams, our hours may change, and we are closed during semester breaks.

Our Mission

The Women’s Center serves the women students, faculty, and staff of UNO and women throughout the city of New Orleans.  We are dedicated to recognizing and affirming the diversity of women’s experiences based on race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, ability and age.  Through a range of programs and services, the Women’s Center seeks to support and enrich the academic and life experiences of female students, foster the study of women in culture, and promote and create equity for women on the UNO campus and in the community.


We work with community members and organizations to offer scholarships, book awards, and workships to women students based on academic commitment and financial need.