Frequently Asked Questions 

Ownership of Intellectual Property

How the Rights are determined to inventions, software, books, articles, lectures, and other literary/scholarly works. (AP-RE-03.2 Intellectual Property)

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Inventions and Inventors

  • What is an invention,
  • Who is/are considered the creator(s) of the invention.  
  • The need to disclose the invention and when this closure should happen.
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Developed Software

  • Who is the author of software?    
  • Do I need to disclose software I have developed
  • How do I disclose software
  • How do I copyright software
  • Can software be patented
  • What are the types of software licenses
  • Can software be released under an open source license
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Technology Disclosure

Researchers are required to report:

  • Inventions
  • Discoveries
  • Software
  • Other developments having possible commercial value
Download the Technology Disclosure Form
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Protection of Intellectual Property

  • Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks
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Legal protection for ownership of inventions and discoveries

  • The types of Patent
  • What can be Patented
  • What limits or destroys Patent Rights
  • If two people make the same invention, who gets the Patent Rights
  • How do I search for Patents
  • Who files for the Patent
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License and Licensee

Conveys to the licensee the right (license) to make, use, and sell products and processes using the intellectual property

  • Who at UNO conducts the licensing negotiations
  • Who signs the license agreement
  • Does UNO license technology and IP to start-up companies
  • How will OTMC market/license my invention
  • What is Royalty Income
  • Does UNO ever take equity as part of the license
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Copyrights and Trademarks

  • What can be copyrighted
  • What protection does copyright offer
  • What is the life of a copyright
  • How does one protect copyrights
  • Should copyrights be registered and if so, where
  • What do the symbols ® and TM mean and when should they be used
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