Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHSO)

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Drivers Safety Class Online!

Contact Sherri Ganucheau for more information at 3-6768 or sganuche@uno.edu.

Driver Safety

The University of New Orleans considers the safety of our campus and those who study and work here to be an extremely important function of the University, one that is compatible with our goals and objectives.

Our Mission

Safety is not the exclusive responsibility of the Campus Safety Officer; neither is it the responsibility of unit supervisors, department chairs, or college deans. Everyone, including students, is responsible for his or her own safety and for the safety of those with whom they interact. As employees, it is our responsibility to understand and follow the safety rules and safety policies that have been adopted by the University of New Orleans.


Drivers Safety Class Info

Contact Sherri Ganucheau for more information at 3-6768 or sganuche@uno.edu.

Take the Drivers Safety Class online!

  • You should have already completed a Driver's History Form before taking the test.

  • Once you complete the Online Drivers Safety class, you will need to print out your certificate and send a copy along with the completed Driver's History Form and copies of your Driver's License and Insurance card to the Safety Office.

  • To be on the "Approved Drivers List" you have to take the Drivers Safety Class every 3 years and turn in your Drivers History Form once a year to the Safety Office.

Contact Us

University Computing Center
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E-mail: safety@uno.edu

Phone: (504) 280-6670
Fax: (504) 280-6703


Medical waste disposal can be set up by calling David Richardson at (504) 280-6670