Accounts Receivable

Contact Accounts Receivable

Phone: (504) 280-3280



If you are a currently enrolled student who wishes to participate in the extended payment plan for the upcoming term, please visit our EPPO page.


The Accounts Receivable Office handles all inquiries regarding delinquent accounts. If you have a question about an outstanding balance or bursar hold on your student account, please contact the Accounts Receivable Office. 

Below are common reasons a bursar hold is placed onto your
student account.

  • Delinquent tuition and fees (any semester)

Is there a collections hold on your account?

Note:  According to state regulations, delinquent accounts will be sent to the Louisiana Attorney General's Office for collections. An account sent to the Attorney General's Office will incur a 33.33% collection fee and may also be subject to wage garnishments, tax refund garnishments, and other methods available to the Attorney General's Office to collect the debt.

  • Balance forwarded from previous semester
  • Financial aid reversals
  • Account flagged for cash only payment due to NSF check(s)
  • Neglected payment arrangements
  • Account in collections
  • Unpaid parking tickets
  • Housing charges