Information for New Faculty and Staff


  • Open to full-time faculty and staff who have a Masters degree (or have completed at least 18 credit hours within a program), experience working with first year students, and a strong willingness to see our 
    students succeed.


What we provide:

  • All course material, syllabus and online resources.
  • Monthly meetings for faculty development and discussion
  • Peer Mentors as classroom assistants
  • Administrative support for all your classes


For more information, e-mail Mike Hoffshire or Candace Stanton.

Want to join our team?

We may be looking for a few faculty/staff members to join our teaching team for University Success 1001. We accommodate about 1000 incoming freshman each year and we're looking to expand our efforts.

Students meet in groups led by an experienced faculty member or senior administrator for an in-depth review of skills and issues relevant to academic and personal success at the University.