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Course Guidelines

Service Learning courses are credit-based educational experiences. In order for a course to be designated as service learning it should meet our guidelines

Service Learning Guidelines

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Faculty members may designate their course as a service learning course at the University of New Orleans. Faculty members will need to provide information of their course and affiliated community partnerships/organizations.

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Students in any major or department may participate in a Service Learning (SL) course. Service Learning courses are excellent opportunities to apply course content and classroom learning in a meaningful environment. In Service Learning courses, service activities are imbedded into the course curriculum. These courses are designated with a specific section number and include general education courses, courses within a student’s discipline, internship courses, or capstone projects. All Service Learning courses include at least 25 hours of engaged service activities that meet a community need and required reflection assignments or activities. In addition, students in these courses have access to the Student Service Learning Course Community on Moodle.

HUMS 2001- Introduction to Service Learning

Professor: Lacey M. Cunningham

Partnership: Local organizations based on student interests

Crusades for justice and struggles against injustice have shaped human understanding, relationships, and behavior for centuries. This course is designed to introduce students to the foundations of community organizing, social justice, and service learning in the context of a globalized world. Students will be asked to think critically about the underlying root causes of social, economic, environmental and political challenges in the communities in which they live, learn, work, serve and travel. In addition, students will be encouraged to begin to address these societal challenges utilizing their academic knowledge and experiences as the foundation for implementing, advocating, and supporting community organization’s efforts to create a more just world. This course may be taken up to two times with permission of the Office of Service Learning if the student selects a different service learning topic and project to complete.

MURP 4081/5081 Applied GIS Information Technology for the Planning Profession

Professor: Michelle Thompson, PhD, GISP

2016 Partnership: Various neighborhood associations and community organizations

Professor Michelle Thompson’s undergraduate and graduate students will be working with the NEWCITY Neighborhood Partnership to evaluate, map and summarize neighborhood property condition assessments from 2011 to 2015. Their work will contribute to the ongoing monitoring of community quality of life issues and allow residents & businesses to be informed when prioritizing community needs and reinvestments. Students will gain experience developing a professional report that can be used as a writing sample and a demonstration of the their Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) skills. Their work will be used by the for more informed decision-making for the NEWCITY Neighborhood Partnership. Dr. Thompson’s undergraduate work at Syracuse University’s Policy Studies program at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs has fostered her commitment in public participation, community work and service learning.

FTA 3460 Introduction to Documentary Production

Professor: Laszlo Fulop

Partnership: NOLAVie

Undergraduate documentary production film students in this course work with a nonprofit cultural organization, NOLAVie. Every semester the producers of NOLAVie pitch a list of projects connected to the cultural life of New Orleans to students, who select an organization or project and produce an interview-based short documentary. Fulop’s students gain professional experience outside of the classroom and many of the student’s work is available on NOLAVie’s website, a nonprofit organization who celebrate the distinct characters, events, neighborhoods and cuisine of New Orleans through the use of guest blogs, audio, and video collections.

IS 4998 International Studies Degree Internship

Professor: John Hazlett

Partnerships: nonprofit agencies who have international or global missions

Students in this internship course complete internship’s with internationally-oriented partners. These partners are typically nonprofit agencies who have international or global missions that benefit the communities they work in. Students gain real world knowledge of a particular profession or kind of work, awareness of community needs and realities, and professional skills sets. The course requires 120 hours of work during the semester an 8-10 page reflection paper connection international studies course topics to their internship work. Reflecting on his internship experience, one student wrote that after his service learning internship experience he “will attempt to disseminate as much knowledge about the international relations to other people as possible.”

MANG 3401 Principles of Management

Professor: Christy Corey

Partnership: Veteran’s Affairs, Project Lazarus

Dr. Christy Corey’s undergraduate student will select an organization to provide job readiness training and entrepreneurship skills. Students have the option to work with Veteran’s Affairs or Project Lazarus, a recovery house for individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. While learning team and teaching skills as well as management principles, students teach job readiness and self efficacy skills. Students will engage in at least 25 hours of engaged service and will required to complete a graded reflection assignment. Corey has worked with a research team that published papers on service learning outcomes like academic achievement and civic mindedness.

MKT 6503 Strategic Marketing Management

Professor: Elyria Kemp

Partnerships: Jazz Market, Offbeat Publications, Elsa Hahne Cookbook—The Gravy: In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians

Every semester Master of Business Administration students in this course work with a community partner to create a marketing plan for their partner. In the past students have created marketing plans for the Jazz Market, a new facility for the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Offbeat Publications, and the Elsa Hahne Cookbook—The Gravy: In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians. Students learn the components of a strategic marketing plan, meet with partners to assess the organization’s marketing plan needs, and develop a marketing plan for the partner that they present to their partner in their final course meeting.

MKT 6536 Strategic Marketing Decisions for Health Care Management
(Summer only)

Professor: Elyria Kemp

Partnerships: local organizations in the health care industry

Dr. Elyria Kemp’s advanced seminar in Strategic Marketing Decisions for Health Care Management applies marketing principles and concepts to contemporary health care industry issues. Specifically, it introduces health care professionals to marketing thought and marketing issues related to the assessment of marketing opportunities as well as the planning and implementation of marketing strategy and programs in a dynamic health care environment. Kemp’s students will work with a diverse group of companies within the New Orleans area, including skilled nursing, assisted living and hospice care facilities to develop strategic marketing plans. Students will conduct basic marketing research on their assigned organization, prepare a written report of their analysis and develop strategic marketing recommendations for the organization. Their findings will be presented to leaders and key decision makers within the organizations. In the past students have created marketing communication plans for Save Sounds Initiative of the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, and Luke’s House Clinic.

EDU 1010 Introduction to Teaching as a Career

Instructor: Kate Reynolds

Partnerships: Schools in Orleans parish and the surrounding area

This course is designed to acquaint prospective teacher candidates with the major issues associated with the teaching profession. Students enrolled in the course are paired with a teacher in a school in the Orleans parish or surrounding area. Each student completes a minimum of 25 hours of service learning in their assigned classroom. Students work individually or in small groups to address specific literacy activities assigned by the classroom teacher.

URBN 6005 Statistics for Urban Analysis
(Fall only)

Instructor: Peter Yaukey

Partnership: City of New Orleans and the Mayor's office

Students in URBN 6005 complete five exercises, including two exercises that integrate an ongoing University of New Orleans blight monitoring initiative. The data gathered from this course is used by the City of New Orleans and the Mayor's office. Students gain experience in study design, on-the-ground research, and the pragmatics of academics interacting with local communities. Students devote 25 hours of engaged learning by gathering and compiling data and are asked to complete a final paper reflecting on their experience and exploring a topic of their choice.

AADM 6506: A Music Overview for Arts Administrators

Instructor: Harmon Greenblatt

Partnership: Local arts and cultural organizations

A survey of the music business with emphasis on the many aspects of the recording industry, live performing arts and the local music scene.