Research and Technology Park

The University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park is managed by the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Foundation. Through public and private partnerships, the Foundation links the private sector to academia and various partners in the public sector. Tenants have opportunities to engage in joint proposals, collaborative research projects with university researchers and to supplement their workforce through internships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Park Facilities

The University of New Orleans Research and Technology Park has a variety of facilities to meet the needs of the tenants, the university and the community.

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Advanced Technology CenterAdvanced Technology Center

The ATC, opened in March, 2001, is adjacent to the university's main campus and houses technology, information systems and engineering corporations. The Park's most exclusive site offers its tenants panoramic views of Lake Pontchartrain as well as close proximity to UNO and the UNO Recreation & Fitness Center. In addition, the building is located in an Enterprise Zone and is eligible for certain tax credits. The majority of the tenants are local firms seeking proximity to the university, the Information Technology Center, and to each other to build and expand cooperative relationships. Tenants are required to establish a cooperative relationship with the university in the form of joint research, student internships, faculty consultations or adjunct faculty appointments. These relationships provide an exciting research and technology environment for both tenants and the university, critical for the creation of new concepts and products.

Center for Energy Resources Management (CERM)Center for Energy Resource Management (CERM)

The Center for Energy Resources Management (CERM), a $ 20 million,104,000 square feet multi-purpose research and conference center facility, which opened in 2002. The University-owned research facility houses research in engineering, energy, environment studies, information technologies and provides interim space for companies interested in establishing a long-term presence in the Park. CERM building tenant collaborations have and are expanding existing industry/university alliances to enhance the research mission of UNO. The building provides a comprehensive facility dedicated to efficient, cost effective research and development collaborations with local, regional and national/international industries and companies.

The Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC)  New OrleansSpace & Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) 

The SSC in New Orleans is the first information technology organization of its kind to be located in Louisiana. Through a unique partnership between government, academia, and industry, the SSC has established a center for Information Technology/Information Management excellence. Over $61.5 million has been invested by the State of Louisiana for three 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art buildings, and a fourth building is ready for occupancy. The federal government has invested $36 million in infrastructure. More than 1,500 high-technology jobs were created with annual salaries of $40-$60,000, representing an estimated annual economic impact of $272 million. The project sets new standards for improving readiness and reducing costs by implementing an innovative methodology for Information Technology and Management.

UNO Lindy Boggs Conference Center UNO Lindy Boggs Conference Center

The conference center is located in the CERM Building. Operated by UNO, the center offers 20,000 square feet of conference facilities and planning, marketing, logistics, registration and financial management services to Park tenants, the University and the community. The state-of-the art full service facility, with plenty of free parking, is located in the CERM building and is available for business events, conferences, industry and trade shows, etc. at discounted rates for all CERM tenants. The Boggs Conference Center also provides friendly, full service meeting planning and conference support at any venue.

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