Dr. Matthew Tarr

Vice President 

TarrMatthew A. Tarr became the Vice President for Research and Economic Development at the University of New Orleans (UNO) in January 2017.  He is also the Eurofins Professor of Analytical Chemistry and a Faculty Fellow in the Advanced Materials Research Institute. He served as Chair of the Department of Chemistry from 2009-2015.  He started at UNO in 1995 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Environmental Protection Agency in Athens, GA.  He received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Georgia Tech in 1992, an M.S. in Chemistry from Emory University in 1988, and a B.S. in Chemistry (summa cum laude) from Emory University also in 1988.  Professor Tarr conducts research in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, free radical oxidation of biomolecules, and synthesis and application of nanomaterials for biomarker detection and photocatalysis. He also coordinates outreach programs that provide research experiences for undergraduates, visiting international students, high school students, and high school teachers.  As Vice President for Research and Economic Development, he works to enhance the success of the university community in research, scholarly work, and creative work.  His office provides mentoring, training, and support for these endeavors as well as mechanisms for interfacing with private sector and government partners.

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